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A New website should be easy

At Sundae Websites there are no surprises

A new website

Should be Easy

At Sundae Digital Marketing there are no surprises

Web Design

Having a great-looking, functional website shouldn’t cost you a fortune or take an design degree to understand. Many web design firms begin with a style-first approach to building websites. Although aesthetics are important, the truth is most customers don’t care if your website is a work of art of you cannot deliver on the promises you made to them. At Sundae Websites we strive to achieve balance between style and function while keeping the costs of your new website very affordable.


No Contracts
100% Ownership
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Managed WordPress Hosting

The biggest thing that gets overlooked with any new website is the need for regular maintenance to keep your site secure. Knowing how to protect against vulnerabilities and knowing how to respond accordingly is vitally important. With Managed WordPress Hosting, Sundae Websites protects your website from harmful attacks and keeps your site running strong and secure.


99.98% Uptime
Daily Backups
Hacking Protection
Dedicated Support

Domain Management

Domains are the new real estate. It is the unique place where your online property lives, whether an eCommerce store or a SaaS. Your domain says a lot about your business and you cannot underestimate the value of having quality domain names. Our Domain Management service allows us to source and secure an unlimited number of domain names that you need now or in the future.


Domain Registration
Domain Security


Many brick & mortar businesses are making the leap from traditional, in-person sales to eCommerce. Now more than ever it’s crucially important to provide your customers with the most options to engage with and purchase your products. Sundae Websites can help you plan & create a full online eCommerce platform that will present your products or services in the best light possible, and make it easier for your customers to get what they need and want. Sundae Websites can help take your business from the past to the present with our fully integrated eCommerce setup.


Website Integration
Mobile Storefront
Merchant Account
Email Followup

Email for Business

The kind of email address that you use says a lot about your level of professionalism. If you’re using a free email address like Gmail or Yahoo (please, don’t say AOL) to conduct business you are telling your potential customers that you are not serious about what you’re doing. Having a dedicated email address for your business tells clients you intend to be around for a while. We offer full service business email packages to fit every need.


Domain Name
Unlimited Addresses
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